Internship and Training Periods


Summer jobs provide companies with a fabulous opportunity to market themselves. It is during this time of the year that they can gain a great future employee or a loyal consumer. The opportunity important to the intern is of far greater value to the employer.

Despite this, students are seen doing meaningless door to door surveys, making presentations on topics that have long lost relevance or doing clerical work as part of their internship program. Why is there such a blatant waste of fresh ideas and young talent? Blame on a poor mentor, excessive hiring of interns are mere excuses, which encourage further negligence towards the students and the projects assigned to them.

Examples of wasted talent are many. Interaction with a intern may appear to be of low consequence, but think of the bad word of mouth that a disappointed student can generate. What of the lost talent , the missed opportunity to position the brand, the monetary loss from carrying out this exercise year after year…think about the image of the industry that the student now shoulders.

What could possibly have been a valuable close interaction between the consumer and the brand, is turned into a mere exercise. What is being done to stop this from happening at your workplace? Are enough opportunities provided for the intern to learn? What kind of industry knowledge is imparted? Has the company succeeded in sharing the essence of its values, beliefs and work culture? More importantly will you be hearing from the student again?

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