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Once upon a time, News used to be a half hour of power packed no-nonsense coverage of meaningful issues on national television.

The face of the Indian News channels has however undergone many make-overs, since the advent of cable television and the launch of 24*7 independent news channels . It began with the war between channels to be the first to break the latest news , followed by providing distinct personalities as news analysts.

Then, came the war of sensationalizing. The objective was not about providing the true picture and real breaking news, it was about bringing in viewership…the capsule of daily news steadily replaced by a mix of news-entertainment.


I increasingly see comedy routines, videos available on the net and Bollywood trivia seeping through the news segments. There is nothing on the news channels that is not available faster or with greater coverage either on the internet or on print. Very few channels can today boast of exclusivity , be it the news or the insight with which it is covered.

In an attempt to be everything to everybody the news channels seem to be losing out on the loyalty of a valuable section of the market.

This choice that the channels seem to have willingly made is cause for concern. Great channel, great people, existing loyal viewers … and yet following that path that others take. What if you stuck to the original concept of providing truly exclusive first hand information.

What have you been great at? What if you continued to excel? What if you stopped being just another channel?

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