Not-utilized = non existent

If you are not going to make the best use of a resource, then why build/hire it?

Walk inside the compound walls of most of Hyderabad’s apartment complexes and you will know what I mean. There will be a huge, shallow, clean swimming pool strategically placed for constant visibility to visitors and residents, and that is where its functionality ceases.
What is the point of this pool? Women residents do not use it as there is zero privacy, men probably don’t use it because it is too shallow and kids mess the whole place by turning the pool into a giant puddle of dirty water.

What appears as a benefit on the brochure, does not necessarily translate into a benefit for the buyer or the seller. Is your business also suffering from the swimming pool syndrome? Are you promising too much in theory but not able to render the product useful?

An apartment with a well designed pool that addresses the issue of privacy, standard dimensions and specific timings for men, women and children, will definitely be more beneficial to the residents. To gain visibility the pool can be placed within a recreational zone where visitors are allowed.

Takeaway: Provide service that truly matters. If you are going to promise more than what you deliver, do not kid yourself into believing that the customer is the loser. Providing no service is better than forcing redundant, over hyped services which carry a fee.

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