Hakim’s Aalim (Hyderabad) haircut review – Two thumbs down

And that’s the lowest rating on my scale.

This hair and tattoo salon was opened in Hyderabad sometime in April 2008 amidst much publicity. After all it has given some of the Bollywood stars their defining locks.
They claim- Everyone in the film industry right from Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty, Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan, Adnan Sami, Kajol, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Deol, Tanushree Datta and Anil Kapoor, have got a snip from Aalims magic scissors. I hope that they meant that literally because more than a snip and the bollywood stars would be reeling with bad hair days and a sure shot dive in their film careers.

With prices as high as this you would expect a brilliant haircut or atleast a superb experience, but do you get that? Nope, not even close.

My experience:

I called up the Hakim’s Aalim salon on 24th of May to fix an appointment for my friend and me, at 6 p.m  on the same day. All went as expected, the lady fixed the appointment and told me she would give a call at 5:30 p.m to confirm the appointment.

I received a call at 5:30 p.m from Hakim’s Aalim to confirm the appointment. Nothing .. till then, could be questioned about the brand.

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 1:

After a few minutes of waiting on arrival one of the staff tells me that the stylist that I wanted is unavailable, however a senior stylist is free. This despite my appointment.

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 2:

The fact that I was not informed about the stylists (top, senior etc.) at any point during my call or on arrival. ( The details on the prices and stylists were known to me because I like researching the brands that I use and found out about this from their website, and  from a  friend who had visited the salon a week ago.)

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 3:

When I informed him that the appointment was with a top stylist, he looked slightly taken aback and mumbled “Yes yes, she is also the top stylist.”

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 4:

All this while they completely forgot that the appointment was for two people – WE had to remind them. Then the arrangements were made for my friend’s haircut!!!!

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 5:

Their so called “Top-Stylist” could only suggest a ‘step-cut’ – The reason given I had curly hair and her imagination couldn’t think beyond a step-cut.

Lady, if I wanted a step-cut I could have gone to Habib’s (which by the way is any day better) or Latitudes , or for that matter any neigbourhood parlour. Why claim yourself to be top-stylist if you offer exactly what the street parlour offers??  I mean what the hell are you the top-stylist for?

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 6:

I still had hope, thinking the execution may be better .. you know the final touches, removal of frizz , magical removal of split ends .. something!!

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 7:

You get a very ordinary haircut for a price that could ensure just the same or even a better haircut and money left for one more haircut!!  My super normal haircut cost me a very unjustified Rs. 975/- and my friends cost Rs. 575/- .

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 8:

Better and more professional outlets available, with less hype and talk and more satisfactory results. Where you ask? Well you could try this , this or even the likes of this ( The first two recommended are from my personal experience, the third does come recommended – just not from me!).

Based on better experience, better hair and all that at a lesser price.

One plus point about the visit : I would have otherwise not known how crappy the place is.

157 thoughts on “Hakim’s Aalim (Hyderabad) haircut review – Two thumbs down

  1. Hi Chaitanya,
    I hv worst experience with Habib’s at suchitra.I just told their stylist to cut little bit length of my hair and i went there for simple “U” cut.but she chopped all my hair length and i dont knw which type of cut she made its not “U”.i cried for 2 weeks.after 12 months i got the same length and again i want a hair cut bcoz my hair cut shape is terrible so plz suggest me good parlor for my make over i am very depressed.I am the person who really needs ur HELP

    • Hi Indu

      First of all a ((hug)) :).

      We all have bad, terrible and disastrous hair days but trust me it is one of the easiest things about your look that can be fixed.

      To be honest I am yet to come across someone as good as Dev or Ram at Snippers (atleast in the city of Hyderabad). Although many claim to meet similar standards they have failed to impress me.

      But I have noticed that one advantage to getting my hair cut from Dev is that the hair grows back super fast, allowing me to experiment further.

      Why don’t you take an appointment and seek their advice and tell them exactly everything you wrote here 🙂 , am sure they will work out a style that is perfect.

      Do tell me how you go about switching your days to good hair and happy days.

      Much love
      Chaitanya 🙂

  2. Underwent hair cut as part of grooming session for an event at Hakim Aalims….. they changed my entire look with a wierd boyish hairstyle……so called posh i was shocked to see myself …i had wavy shoulder lever hair…..i received many compliments on my hair…….got many ads too….iam nowwaiting for my hair to grow 🙁 I dont understand why this saloon is so famous? for changing the shape of your hair??…….not even bothered to see if that suits one or not…….crazy !!!!!i hate them i never suggest one to go “Hakim aalim’s” at Jubilee HIlls

    • I can totally relate to what you say Sarita, I once had my waist length hair chopped off by a ‘hair stylist’ :-/. But the good news is hair will grow back sooner than you realize, I would say that you try and make the most of this new look.
      And if you so wish just check in at Snippers and see if they suggest anything to make the look better.

      Take care and let me know if you do try something else.


  3. Hi Chaitanya – Any feedback/ reviews about “Hair Art by Chandrankanth”? I’ve heard about the place and I’m trying to choose between Dev and Ck – had a friend go to Dev’s recently and she wasn’t too happy with the results.

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Thanks Chaitanya :-)….Secunderabd is more convinient as i stay close to that but i dont mind if its in banjara hills or madhapur too as i work ther so that would also be convinient

    • Hey Sunitha

      In that case just check with Jawad habibs (located near AWHO colony diamond point, secunderabad) , or at Hakims Aalim/Manea to pick the Label M leave in conditioner.
      You could just call them and check if they stock these.

    • Hi Sunitha

      The Label M leave in conditioners you will get over the counter in most of the city Salons.

      Let me know which area you frequent and perhaps I can give a more pointed location.

      Further, you can try the hair serums also.. they do wonders for dry curly hair, but the effects are temporary 🙂

  5. I am looking for hair smoothing treatment. Where should i go Hakim Aalim/Manea/Snipers/any other. My concern is quality than price. so frenz pls help me?

  6. Iam looking suitable hair style for my curly & dry hair.every body sugessted me to go for spy,but iam unable to maintain,can any hair stylist sugest me for better one.9700000644

    • Hi Abhishek

      Spa is pretty effective, but you need to continue it and I must say it is not so easy on the pocket too.

      Do speak to the Snippers team and fix an appointment, maybe they can help.

      Scroll through the comments to get their contact details.


  7. Hey any idea about leave in conditioners … Actually i have curly hair and Dev suggested me that i use Leave in Conditioner …So can any one suggest me some good brand and place from wer i can buy the same

    • Hi Sunitha, most of the well known salons charge approximately the same, so I guess there is no escaping that :-/.

      Regarding the leave-in conditioners, you can ask Dev for the same and he will advice.

      I also have curly hair and use the Label M (leave in) conditioner, you can probably check at Snippers if they stock the same for sale and pick it up during your next visit :).

      Let me know if you need any other information. Also if you find any other brand of conditioner that you like do tell me, I would like to give it a try too ;).

  8. **I meant he is better than other saloons … atleast from whereever i have tried in Hyderabad

  9. Hey thanks Chaitanya :)…I did get my hair cut done from Dev in Hyerabad atleast form wherever i have tried….But its very pricy ..They charged me Rs. 1200 yaar 🙁

  10. Hey I read all ur comments … going to get myself a haircut done soon for my bday … Planning togo to Snippers … heard a lot on the blog abt Dev ..hope will not b dissappointed 🙂

  11. Hey Chaitanya..thanks a ton for providing this info.have been looking for a good salon since a long time. Grapes in Himayat Nagar is also good.The prices are reasonable and also the stylist knows what she’s talking about.

  12. Hi Chaitanya

    I just got a superb hair cut from dev at snippers
    wow wow wow
    i just love it

    all thanks 2 u 🙂

  13. thanks a ton..bt i dint feel sanyo dat useful…coz he tottaly messed up wid ma hair! wel mah last hope is snippers for nw! hmmmm raly ur blog is v.useful man! thanx a ton!

  14. Hi Chaitanya, Your blog is very helpful. I am going to snippers salon to get a hair cut from Dev tomorrow, never tried before. Will update you.

    Many Thanks,

  15. ny pocket frindly salons in hyderabad which offer trendy haircuts for men at reasonable prices??? ny1 been at sanyo’s vikrampuri(kharkhana) over here???

    • Hi Aryan

      You can try Sanyo, it is definitely pocket friendly.

      Other options around that area are Latitude, Naturals (Sindhi Colony, and I guess one in the same building as Naturals as well – Rainbow Mall Karkhana) –these are all comparatively cheaper that Aalims or Snippers. Although Jawed Habib is also closeby, would not recommend it.

      Check the prices for the cut’s at Manea’ by Loreal (they have branch’s in Banjara and Madhapur, you can get the contact and other details from their site : http://www.manea.in/contact.html ).

      Hope this helps ..

  16. ny pocket friendly salons for teens in hyderabad which offer trendy hair cuts at reasonable prices??? ny1 here been at sanyo’s kharkhana???

  17. hey.. just stumbled upon your blog and thought to give a try @ Snippers and yes..i got my hair cut from Dev…for the very first time..it was gud enuf..
    had to shed out 1.2k though..

    • Hi Tanuja

      Thats great to hear .. one secret 🙂 once you get a ‘Dev haircut’ your hair grows much better. Give it some time and you will see.

      I also got a cut last weekend and love love love it .. expensive yes!! but worth it :).


      P.S: Do let me know if you try any new Salons and how your experience was.

      • Ok , so I got the much needed haircut from Dev at Snippers and as expected, it went well.

        The Salon is still undergoing the final stages of setup and construction, so do call for a prior appointment.

        Happy hair days you all 🙂

    • Ok, so I did not go for my appointment yet.
      But not to disappoint you all, here is the address of Dev’s Salon (which is called ‘Snippers’ btw):

      H.no., 8-2-277/2, UBI colony
      Plot 2, 2nd Floor
      Road no. 3, Banjara hills

      Mobile: 90000 08276
      Landline: 040 – 23607277 or 040-2367177

  18. Hi all …
    I am planning to go for a hair cut. After an intense search , thgt i vud go to mirrors which is located at jubilee hills… but many of my frds told me tat sachin n aughi are the best stylists thr and unfortunately both of them left… Rite nw mirrors has spandana and mitesh who are the top stylists but i really dont knw anythng abt their work …. plzzz let me knw if any one of u got a hair cut done by thm or plzz be advised on whr else can i go for d cut …. been to hakims aalim n i left its kinda okiiishhh … not gr8 … somethng better vud be very helpful … thanx 🙂

    • Quick update, Dev’s Salon opens in the third week of March hence I can check it out on the 26th or the 27th.

      Got to wait a little longer 🙂 – disappointing because I REALLY need a cut, but I guess worth the wait.

      • Hie chaitanya ur blogs are great and helpful I just saw my name above.. Yes Nikita I was with mirrors for some time. I started my new salon in Mumbai (carter Rd bandra) call Sachins HeadOffice salon. Would be pleasure to style you..Thanks chaitanya..credit goes to you, please visit my new space in Mumbai, when u r here. Thank you.

        • Hi Sachin

          Congratulations and my best wishes for your new salon , I have heard great feedback about your work.

          I would absolutely pay a visit, when in Mumbai.

          Cheers !!

  19. Hi Chaitanya …. First thngs First … ur blog is so damn helpful … cheers for tat 🙂 i am very much a regular customer of hakims aalim… n had been gettin my hair cut done only by Dev … now since he’d left ha , m lukin for other options … but nw ur blog has given me some hopes regd Dev’s new parlour …. waiting for ur reviews on tat ….. !!!

  20. hii chaitanya,,
    i want to go 4r permanent hair straightening at hakims,,and now am confused with ur comments whther to go or not,,and i had also seen that another salon will be opened in march,,can u suggest me foe gud straightening salons.

  21. Hey Chaitanya..
    Nice 2 c ur reviews on d salons..
    Im looking forward to have a haircut dis week n am really confused btwn Hakims n Mirrors..!!
    I tried B Hills Hakims earlier but it was just fine.. So wondering which 1 wud b better?
    Price is just not an issue..!! I jus need a chng in my look..!!

    • Hi Sunitha

      Well, I agree with the Hakim Aalim experience being just about fine, I have heard good reviews about mirrors, but not been there . It would be great if you could revert back with your feedback in case you do go there.
      Also note, that I am going to try a new Salon and review the same, in a couple of weeks from now, so if you don’t mind the wait you will have another place to consider :).

      Let me know your feedback in case you try Mirrors or any other place :).


  22. Hi Chaitanya…
    It was nice to know that there are regular updates on the hair saloon options that are available in the city..i was looking at getting a haircut & was thinking about hakim aalim’s…so jus thought i’d review them.after all i’d b paying a huge sum so i need my vfm right?!!so wot do u think..is hakim’s better or mane’s?i want a kinda makeover of sorts u can say…

    • Hi Sravanthi

      Hakims is a good option but expensive (personal experience and opinion), whereas Manea is cheaper (almost 50% cheaper) and also good (so I am told).

      So choose accordingly to your priority :), also if u dont mind the wait I will be reviewing another new salon 19th of March 2011.

  23. Hi all,

    i went twice to HA(haakims alim) for hair cut.. done with the same stylist which costed me 750 for the 1st tym.. and after 3 months it is 900..i was ok with the first tym.. but 2nd tym i am not at all satisfied… try some other saloon … if u hav any idea.. plzz let me know..

    • Hey Padmaja .. a new salon is opening in Hyd soon(within the next month), will visit review and upate here ..

      The owner is Dev (Ex- HA), and he is good 🙂 .. fingers crossed for the expense though 🙂

  24. HI

    • Hi Sagar

      Apart from this post, I have also done a follow-up post on Haakim’s Aalim here.

      Compared to when I had written the post, there are many new salons open, as mentioned in the previous comment you can try Mane’a, which had got good review’s from some people I know.

      From the places I tried, I prefer Naturals the least, Jawad Habib was average (I went twice and both times, they were up-selling , even before selling!), Hakims Aalim had some great stylists (Ram and Dev, who have left). My last visit to HA, was a couple of weeks ago, wherein I got a simple trim.

      I suggest that if you are fine with the prices, try Hakims, till we are pampered with good options 🙂

  25. hey chaitanya,
    i was planning to get a haircut this weekend…and hakim was my first choice,but now after reading ur review i kinda think i wont go there.i have super frizzy hair n wud like to get a cut that can make it easier for me to handle my wild mane…….where do u think i can go?ne suggetions?im new to hyd n searching for some places that dont cost ott.
    thank you:)

    • Hi Akifa

      There are salons like : Mane’a (its a loreal venture) where I guess the haircut costs about 550. You can check their site http://www.manea.in/home.html, and call to confirm. Few people have raved about this place to me.

      Natural and Jawed Habib are also easy on the pocket, but I was not so happy with their services. In Hakims Aalim also you can probably go for their ‘Top stylist’ who will charge 750 for the cut, senior stylist and style directors will charge 1000 upwards (these are the charges for lady clients, for men the rates are lower).

      Just go ahead with what you feel is comfortable, it’s your hair after all and a few hundred can save you from bad hair days ;). Call the salon, ask questions and see if they offer what you want.

      Hope I have helped :).


  26. Has anyone tried Dev at Hakims Aalim? He’s the best but he’s split from them and I’m unable to locate him. If anyone knows his whereabouts please let me know. Thanks.

    • Hi Kruthi,

      You are right Dev was really good and so was Ram. What I hear is that both have left and are planning to start their own venture. I will definitely update once I get to know the exact details.

      I did go again for a trim yesterday and they have a new senior stylist Aman, who is also good. You could probably try :).

      Wish you all good hair days.


  27. Hey Chaitanya :

    There are two saloons oh Hakim in hyderabad .. Right ???? which one are ypou talking abt Jubliee hills or BAnjara hills ?? Please let me know i realllyyy need to go 🙂

  28. Hi Vie

    What you say about brands and the cost of feeling good does hold a lot of merit. Perhaps you missed the last line of the post 🙂 .. which mentions my re-visit to Hakim Aalim.

    That said, I would like to re-visit this place, truly based on merit and not primarily based on lack of options.


  29. I had not be to Hakim’s however the stylist who worked at Hakim’s works in a different salon and I had a rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreallly reeeeeeeeeeeally good hairdo from him.

    Only then I realised the worth of Hakim’s.

    I had an hairdo that I never had got done in my life, I looked like a star.

    Brand does matter, and the cost for feeling good about one’s own look is priceless.

    I somehow disagree.

    Talking about professionalism etc…you would never find in my country.Its not a ridicule but its a fact to be proud of sometimes, we aren’t formal to our family leave alone to the rest of our country fellowmen.

  30. You really think it’s safe to tattoo and cut hair within the same vicinity? How disgusting! I only wish that people would realize what they were doing wrong….

    • @Tattoo_Mistress: That does sound positively repulsive and I get your concern there. Although, I would like to believe that proper hygiene is followed and separate sections exist for hair cutting and tattoo :). Will check when I go to next, meanwhile you can also check the official websites for more info and contact details ..Cheers !!

  31. hie guy’z and girls- this is sachin from mirror salon in jubilee! for make over and changing your looks call direct on my cell num 8008333008!

  32. hi chaitanya! I went through yewr blog and was very upset aout yewr experience yew went through! as been in this prof frm last 15 yrs.. seems to b yew lost hope on hairdressers in hydrabad! just need one chance to do yewr hair! I assure yew dat it won’t repeat! I believe in action speak louder then words! lets proove it! mi name is sachin and I rock in mirror salon in jubilee hills! just one chance! thankz!

  33. hi chaitanya,

    Im new to hyderabad. I need a good hairstyle that would suit my face and some hair grooming. I am wandering where to go. Could not risk it. Do u know any place that u prefer which gives good service as well as in lesser price ??

    • Hi Ara

      There are many options available. I have not tried anything else after getting a cut from Hakims Aalim. The prices are a little steep though.

      I have also been told that ‘Naturals’ is good for styling. Though I have not been there yet.

      Try visiting the sites, it may help.


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