Hakim’s Aalim (Hyderabad) haircut review – Two thumbs down

And that’s the lowest rating on my scale.

This hair and tattoo salon was opened in Hyderabad sometime in April 2008 amidst much publicity. After all it has given some of the Bollywood stars their defining locks.
They claim- Everyone in the film industry right from Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty, Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan, Adnan Sami, Kajol, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Deol, Tanushree Datta and Anil Kapoor, have got a snip from Aalims magic scissors. I hope that they meant that literally because more than a snip and the bollywood stars would be reeling with bad hair days and a sure shot dive in their film careers.

With prices as high as this you would expect a brilliant haircut or atleast a superb experience, but do you get that? Nope, not even close.

My experience:

I called up the Hakim’s Aalim salon on 24th of May to fix an appointment for my friend and me, at 6 p.m  on the same day. All went as expected, the lady fixed the appointment and told me she would give a call at 5:30 p.m to confirm the appointment.

I received a call at 5:30 p.m from Hakim’s Aalim to confirm the appointment. Nothing .. till then, could be questioned about the brand.

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 1:

After a few minutes of waiting on arrival one of the staff tells me that the stylist that I wanted is unavailable, however a senior stylist is free. This despite my appointment.

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 2:

The fact that I was not informed about the stylists (top, senior etc.) at any point during my call or on arrival. ( The details on the prices and stylists were known to me because I like researching the brands that I use and found out about this from their website, and  from a  friend who had visited the salon a week ago.)

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 3:

When I informed him that the appointment was with a top stylist, he looked slightly taken aback and mumbled “Yes yes, she is also the top stylist.”

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 4:

All this while they completely forgot that the appointment was for two people – WE had to remind them. Then the arrangements were made for my friend’s haircut!!!!

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 5:

Their so called “Top-Stylist” could only suggest a ‘step-cut’ – The reason given I had curly hair and her imagination couldn’t think beyond a step-cut.

Lady, if I wanted a step-cut I could have gone to Habib’s (which by the way is any day better) or Latitudes , or for that matter any neigbourhood parlour. Why claim yourself to be top-stylist if you offer exactly what the street parlour offers??  I mean what the hell are you the top-stylist for?

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 6:

I still had hope, thinking the execution may be better .. you know the final touches, removal of frizz , magical removal of split ends .. something!!

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 7:

You get a very ordinary haircut for a price that could ensure just the same or even a better haircut and money left for one more haircut!!  My super normal haircut cost me a very unjustified Rs. 975/- and my friends cost Rs. 575/- .

Why not to visit Hakim’s Aalim Salon, Hyderabad Reason 8:

Better and more professional outlets available, with less hype and talk and more satisfactory results. Where you ask? Well you could try this , this or even the likes of this ( The first two recommended are from my personal experience, the third does come recommended – just not from me!).

Based on better experience, better hair and all that at a lesser price.

One plus point about the visit : I would have otherwise not known how crappy the place is.

157 thoughts on “Hakim’s Aalim (Hyderabad) haircut review – Two thumbs down

  1. Hi! I heard that BBlunt Hyderabad is closed now! Could somebody please share Mr.Dev’s number ?? It’s very urgent

  2. Hey Chaitanya,

    You were right about Dev. Meek and humble. Not among those money frenzy people at all salons these days. Dev rocks 🙂

  3. Hi!! I wanted to kno how b blunt hyderabad is and came across your blog! Its quit informative… I see u recommend dev @ b blunt … Ne idea if he is still there? I am trying to grow my hair ling and just hate it when i get back to where i started wen i get a haircut done!! Coz i get back to my original length! Cud you recommend someone who is imaginative with styling? Btw i have been thinking of trying b blunt… So us dev d safest bet?? Do reply 🙂

    • Hi Ashmi

      Truth is, there are plenty of options now. I have heard many people comment on Mirrors being a good place, and also some liking the work of Doris in Karkhana.

      Dev may still be with b:Blunt, do call and check :).

      I suggest that you try a few places and experiment a little, hair will grow back :), it isn’t fun to always play safe with it :).

      On a personal note, I still do suggest Ram from Snippers and Dev .. if you can afford to do so, every few months.


  4. Hi, Chaitanya b:blunt doing very well now a days, i met salon director Satya he did fabulous job, really I am very satisfied with that guy very talented, I tried many well named salons & stylist I didn’t get any thing, oh! thanks b;blunt & Satya.

    • Hi Samyukta

      Go ahead :), the good thing about experimenting with haircuts is that you always get multiple chances to correct (every few months). So choose a salon in your budget.

      Let me know how your experience goes.


  5. Hi gal,

    U r wonderful in giving very useful suggestions.Actually i have deadly skin with bit pigmentation and white heads. I want to get my skin to shiny and healthy. Is there any parlor where i can get good facials, so that i can get my skin brighter. Also give some suggestions on this.


    • Hi Kavi

      Am sure you meant dead skin 😀 ..

      Am not a beauty expert, however I suggest you meet a reputed dermatologist, see if you have any skin condition that can be fixed by medication.

      Facials and other treatments can be put on hold till then :). Eat well, drink loads of water and be happy – this is the true secret behind glowing skin :).


  6. Hi Chaitanya,

    Such a nice blog. I added this to bookmark:)
    I have seen one manipuri gal haircut and totally fell in love with it. I checked with her where the saloon is and she does not know the name of the parlor. But she said , it is opposite to Banjara Hills Music World, Beside pharmacy, a Chinese hair cut saloon.

    Do you have any idea what is the saloon name as per above address. Please help.


  7. Hi..am new 2 hyd..can u plz help me wid d name of places where i can get bikini wax done..location not a constraint

    • Hi Priya

      Been on the road, just got around to answer your query.

      Most high end spa’s do offer bikini waxing, I believe you can check with O2 spa as it is part of their regular service offering.

      My 2 cents – be certain that the spa service is genuine and the staff is aware of the correct procedure.


  8. Hi Chaitanya,
    Is Dev still the best/safest bet for a good haircut in Hyderabad?Also,how much would he charge at B:Blunt?

    • Hi Prats

      I did not have to shift after the cuts I got from Dev :).

      Lot of people who have given his styling a try loved it :), but yeah in my opinion it is difficult to come across someone who gives the best/safest bet each time you visit.

      My two cents : give it a go. The haircut would cost upwards on 1800, do call and check 🙂


      P.S : Do let us know where you got the haircut eventually and how the expereince was :).

  9. Chaitanya,

    A very nice article that you have written and I am pretty impressed to see that you still reply to the comments even for a 2-3 year old article.

    Btw, I have never visited a salon like Snippers or B:Blunt; ready for it now but in general would want to know how to tip the staff there. I mean if it is Ram or Dev, how do we do it? If it is any of their assistant doing it, then how do we tip them? How about the beauticians?

    Few tips would be really helpful so that I do not get embarrassed by not tipping them.


    • Hi Sandy

      Honestly I have never tipped anyone in a hair salon, I just realised how incredibly selfish that sounds:).
      When I am attached to a stylist though, I have given gifts/sweets etc during the holidays.

      In the local parlours I have tipped individuals for their service, but that is because I know that they do not make much on their paycheck.

      As for the norm if you check the trend in bigger cities 20-25% on the bill is what is considered a good tip.

      Hope this helps :-/

  10. hi, Chaitanya recently i got hair cut in b:blunt with satya the salon director there, fabulous job, great cut im very satisfied with the cut , i tried many salons & stylist in hyderabad but not happy with any one, thanks to b: blunt & satya.

  11. Snippers…. Amazing experience… Went for hair spa & clean up they gave such a good services.. Pooja is beautician who gave me services she is really good at her work, she has done great job, I got wow feeling after taking skin teartment they use O2 products which is really gud for skin… Hair spa was again amazing….I will highly reommend Snippers, its value for money… complete paisa wasool 🙂

  12. Hey!

    Thanks!.. I finally went to B blunt over the weekend and Dev really does magic with your hair! That guy really knows his stuff extremely well, from the consultation till i walked out, i had a great experience. Compliments are pouring in from everywhere ever since.. 😀 🙂

    Totally worth the bomb that they charge! Recommend it to everyone. 🙂 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

    Good Day!

  13. Hi Chaitanya,

    Was just going through your blog as I was looking for a good hair stylist in Hyderabad, have not found one so far!.. I have been contemplating going to B Blunt and even fixed up an appointment with them for this weekend. But I am still skeptical, any idea how b Blunt Hyderabad is? Experience with Bangalore has been decently good.

    Is Dev still with b blunt, so that i can ask for him.


    • Hi Neha

      I have visited B:blunt Hyderabad and have no complaints about the experience. Yes, Dev is with the B:blunt Hyd team.

      Go ahead and give it a try, since you have an appointment :). Let me know how your visit was.


  14. vow.. B:blunt… was browsing their website and the min hair cut starts @ 2k …. 4k, 8k are the only other options… :O
    quite expensive, i must say… any idea how much does dev charge here?

  15. I have been to Snippers regularly.I have come to know that Dev has moved out. Does anyone has any idea where he is now a days?

  16. hi,
    i want to cut my hair, in which parlour we can have the facility of selecting the style which suits us on online by matching our photo to that style suggest me

  17. Hey Chaitanya,

    Hope u doing great in this supa hot summer 🙂 ……I live at Madhapur and have had a haircut from a senior hair stylist at Mirrors-Madhapur……don’t remember his name though…..but he did an awesome job……I have medium length wavy hair and anywhere I go ppl say layers sut me the best….am kinda bored with it and looking for something trendy…..was checking out on google and came across your blog…..I gotta say u doing a wonderful job helping ppl find what they want…..wanted to know if I can try Snippers without any hesitation for my haircut….am planning for a haircut this week….PLz do reply on this 🙂

    • Hi Swetha

      Summers are a bummer but staying alive through it.

      Hope you are doing great as well. Coming to your query, I find no reason why you should not give Snippers a try.

      I also have medium length curly ( bordering on wavy ) hair, and have been getting layered cuts. However, everytime I go in Dev changes it up and even the layers are done different each time.

      Go in and ask for exactly what you want and am sure you will be pleased. Here’s hoping 🙂 .

      Do write back about your experience.


  18. hey hi i am subha ……i hav read ur blog … i want a tatto to b done …. can u suggest a place in hyderabad pls???????????????

    • Hi Subha

      I haven’t got them myself, but I believe Hakims Aalim is a good place for tattoo’s in Hyderabad.

      You can just check with them and clarify any doubts you may have.

  19. hello sir. this is muhammad bin ali from barkas hyderabad old city. actually sir i need a haircut which is known as CORNROWS hair style. i went to jaweed habib, naturals, and many more barber shops and saloon but they are unable to do this. last time i made this kind of hair style in U.A.E DUBAI. they cost me 15 dollor. sir if u can do this hair style please reply me on my e-mail or else on my mobile number 9642799653. please reply me as soon as possible. with complete details.
    Hope You Will Co-operate And Reply Me Soon. search that hair style on google.

  20. Hi,

    I had hair cut with Dev at snipper, but i dint feel much difference and even ppl dint recognize that i had hair cut.

    It is just okiesh. but i expected very good hair cut from Dev , but literally disappointed and decided not to go for that saloon again.

  21. Thumbs down for Snippers…1. i didnt hav big difference in my hair cut, i coloured my hair also.. its looking much worse now…after insisting so many tymes to shorten the hair… they never does it…especially with ram… after charging so much also.. he does 2 clients at one tym…

    can i get some better options other than these hakim’s n snippers

  22. Hey any idea which Hair Spa cream is best to be used at home for getting a smooth and shiny hair.

    How about Matrix hair spa cream can we try using it at home or going to a salon is must.

  23. @ Chaitanya Reddy,,
    hey dude how much snippers dev charge for hair cut!!i wana make my long hair to short n stylishhh 😉 plz suggest me a best hairstylist in hyd… how much javed habib,hakim aalim charge… im new to hyd!!!!

  24. Hi Swathi,

    For Bangalore Bridal make-up you can get in-touch with Uma (9845118570). She runs a fairly large Bridal make-up business and is practically our “Family-bridal_make-up-lady”! She has done the bridal make-ups for All weddings i’ve attended on my in-laws side.

    My package with her had costed around 10K but that was around 3 yrs back and it included 3 functions and pre-function stuff as well; she even does mehandi (really nice!).


  25. Hi everyone

    I finally got a haircut done from Snippers by “DEV”… now i loooovveeee my hair. Thanks a ton for this blog and Chaitanya. i feel Dev is one of the best hair stylists in hyderabad. No regrets in spending money for this kind of look.

    Soon going to Snippers again for hair colour.


  26. Hey,

    the reception is in both B’lore and Hyd so want to cover both the locations within the budget of 8-10K if possible. In Hyd saloons around Panjagutta, Banjara hills will be ok.

    • Hi Swathi

      Just check from the below, and see if any of it helps :

      In Hyderabad:
      1. Doris Parlor : Located in Diamond Point (Secunderabad)- mobile : 9849435692 (she comes recommended by few people)
      2. http://www.shayascare.com/wedding.html#economy
      3. http://grministudio.webs.com/

      You can ask for a trial session and decide.
      Shall let you know if I come across any further details. You can also try the Lakme and Taj Salon if budget permits.

      Hope it helps and truly wish there was more information I could share :). Let us know about who you pick and how the experience is.

      Cheers and congratulations 🙂

  27. Hi Everyone,

    I have been trying to get some information on who/which saloon proivdes good bridal make-up/hairdo services. It will b of grt help if I can get some suggestions on both in Hyderabad and B’lore.


  28. Hi Chaitanya,
    Need ur help in finding out good saloon for my hair cut and styling. From the above posts, it seems Snippers is the good choice, any idea on hw much DEV charges for an hair cut. Please also suggest the other good hair stylists in the city. i have seen you mentioned in another post as RAM, good hair stylist, is he from snippers?


    • Hi Sravi

      In my experience and those whose feedback I have taken, Dev is definitely one of the best . I guess the hair cut charges are in the range of 1000-1500 Inr . But do call them to confirm on this.
      Yes, Ram is also currently with Snippers.

      Hope this helps 🙂 . Wish you have a great 2012 and would love to hear back on how the hair cut and styling turned out .

      Cheers !!

  29. thanks chaitanya…. My haircut is still due nd i will consider snippers once…. as far as a tatooist is concerned… I discovered a collegue of mine if not equal to bt in the league of kat… He is awesome… Bittu jenkins… I think this guy needs a break ….

    • 🙂 that’s good to hear Linda .. btw , when you speak to Snippers just ask about their Tattoo services as well…
      and whatever you choose do let us know your experience 🙂 .. helps us all in making an informed choice ..

  30. Hi all …
    I am planning to go for a hair cut. After an intense search , thgt i vud go to mirrors which is located at jubilee hills… but many of my frds told me tat sachin n aughi are the best stylists thr and unfortunately both of them left… Rite nw mirrors has spandana and mitesh who are the top stylists but i really dont knw anythng abt their work …. plzzz let me knw if any one of u got a hair cut done by thm or plzz be advised on whr else can i go for d cut …. been to hakims aalim n i left its kinda okiiishhh … not gr8 … somethng better vud be very helpful … thanx


  31. and yes…was looking for a kat von d type tatoo head who can pen my thoughts and bury it in my skin… Please advise.

    • Hey Linda

      When it comes to the haircut’s, personal experience has been that Dev and Ram are the best I encountered (so far) in Hyderabad. Give snippers a visit and check if they can deliver before you make a choice.

      As for the tattoo, Kat Von D is waayy too good and I am not so sure if there are any Tattoo parlors in Hyderabad that will give similar quality Ink, but then again I have never gotten a tattoo or researched on it. Personally all individuals that I know with tattoo’s got it either from other cities like Bombay(Mumbai), Pune or from their trips out of India.

      If any of the readers have any idea on this, would request your inputs on this.


  32. i badly want a hair cut from some creative hair dresser not any average hairstyle. I m looking for someone who is passionately into hairstyling and understands what is wanted.

    I thought of Dev at Snippers bt nw it seems like haakim, jawed he’s also got his pets. …

  33. hey chaitanya,

    I got a deal from snapdeal for 80% off at snippers and i am happy for that but unfortunately DEV will not cut my hair bcoz he is creative head what to do suggest me?please email me at mvmach1979@gmail.com

    Help me friend


  34. I went to the Hakim Aalim at bangalore…very average..nothing great at all! I prefer bounce or jean biguine any time for a haircut. Keep away

  35. Hi Chaitanya,

    I forgot to tell u tht i m living in A.S rao nagar now, i came to knw tht snippers is in Banjara hills which is very far frm my place can u pls suggest a better option near by my area, help pls


    • Hi Indu .. 1000-1200 is the standard charge, but they are currently offering discount’s on services. You could call to confirm but looks like it’s a good time to avail the services :).

  36. Hey Chaitanya,

    Interesting article, reviews and comments. I can understand what you say and feel. To each his own. In my experience there is no other salon as cool as Hakims aalim. The makeover which I got is simply amazing… i actually feel like a star and am ever greatful to them for not only giving me a new haircut but for giving me confidence and self worth.

    Try vishu or nitesh there… may be you will change your view.


  37. Hey chaitanya,

    Keratin treatment is something like straightening itself.. But it lasts for only 3 months.. N again after 3 months it should be repeated..
    The adv of this treatment over the normal permanent straightening is that, after 3 months ur entire hair looks even unlike permanent straightening where u hav parts of hair that is straight n d new growing hair that is like ur original hair which eventually makes u look like a gorilla 🙂

    I gotta knw abt keratin treatment at “juice in jubilee hills 10 c”
    The hair stylist Amit recommended it to me..

    So I only wanted u tell me which is the best place for it and wat is ur opinion on the” juice palour”?????

    • Hi Priyaanka

      Never visited the Juice salon, although saw the same a couple of times. I do recall hearing decent reviews about the place, but cannot vouch for the same.
      Personally am against much alteration to the natural form of hair, but to each her own :).

      If Amit is someone who has consistantly given good results for your hair treatments, you can consider the option.

      Cannot help you in making a choice whether to go for the treatment or not, but you can definitely visit a couple more reputable salons and ask what treatments do they suggest, maybe that can open up few more options for you.

  38. Hey Chaitanya,

    I see u doing sum good work out here mate 🙂

    Dude, I jus wanted to know about “keratin treatment” apparently heard tat it’s good for frizzy hair n wavy hair..
    N u know very well now the permanent straightening is totally cliche…

    Wat is ur opinion on this treatment.. N who does it the best in hyderabad????

    Hoping for a speedy n helpful suggestion:)

    • Hey Priyaanka

      Thank you and glad that the review is helping many make a choice :).

      To be fair and honest about your query most treatments do work wonders for your hair, but the results may not be permanent and you need to go for the same on a regular basis.

      I had once taken a treatment for my hair (I guess it was a protein treatment) and within a month my hair was visibly fabulous :)….but, I felt it was an extravagance that I did not wish to indulge in anymore and discontinued.

      That said I think you should definitely give it a go (if you can afford it, if you are getting it done from a reputable place and by a person you trust your hair with). The results are definitely going to please you as long as you ensure that you get the treatments done at regular intervals (I guess they recommend once every 14 days to begin with and the frequency reduces eventually).

      Let me know what you decide. Hope I have been helpful.


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