Child friendly homes.

Almost every brand has a child artist in its ad-campaign. A child’s inherent cuteness and the parents/guardians vulnerability is leveraged to its maximum. Organizations are increasingly banking on this tried and tested formula to sell.

In such a scenario, a statement like ‘Child friendly home’ appearing on a real estate firms Billboard advertisement seems like another sales gimmick.Probe further and you would be surprised (pleasantly) at what you discover. I asked the realtors what exactly a ‘child friendly home’ meant, and here’s what they had to say:

1. Low seating options, for the child to climb on to at different places of the home (Living room, bedrooms)

2. No sharp edges in the furniture and counters provided

3. Anti-slip tiles in the child’s room

4. Playground within apartment premises

Loved the whole idea, here are a few points I would add:

1. Slip resistant tiles in all areas of the house where water is used frequently (Kitchens and washrooms)

2. Facility to accommodate a small safety gate at all staircases.

3. All electrical fixtures should be child safe and away from the child’s reach

Also, if the home is made ‘Child Friendly’ why not make it ‘Elderly friendly’ as well? – this would mean additions like grab bars ( of this kind and this kind) in the washrooms, easy to clean and maintain surfaces, easy to use security/alarm systems etc. .

My take – It is very refreshing to know that local players in the real estate market are paying attention. A little more detail and insight would do wonders to ensure that the buyers don’t have to keep shelling out for home improvements.

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