The tag Raghu passed on.

Last movie seen in a movie hall: Tashan – crappy as hell.

What book are you reading: Short stories by Murakami.

Favourite board game(s): Never graduated from ludo, chess and snakes & ladders.

Favourite magazine: Nat Geo.

Favourite smells: Fresh flowers in a cool room on a sunny day, Rain drenched soil.

Favourite sound: The ‘sound of discovering a river’ :).

Worst feeling in the world: **Blank**

Whats the first thing you think of when you wakeup: What’s the time?

Favourite fast food place: Marzorin (Pune) ,   Leopolds  (Mumbai).

Future childs name:

Finish the statement “If  I had a lot of money I’d …” : Travel, invest in property all over the world, build a ten room super exclusive hotel, shop shop shop, buy truck loads of gifts for everyone I like.

Do you drive fast: Dangerously!!

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Nope!

Storms-Cool or scary?: Cool

Do you eat the stems on the broccoli: Yup .. 🙂

If you could dye your hair any color, what would your choice be: Purple.

Name all the diffrent cities/towms you’ve lived in: Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pathankot, Bhatinda, Jaipur, Delhi, Ooty, Chennai, Calcutta.

Favourite sports to watch: “Important matches” in cricket, tennis and football :).

One nice thing about the person who send this to you: Raghu – Inspires you, makes you want to outperform, all the time :).

Whats under your bed: The floor

Would you like to be born as yourself again: Totally !!

Morning person or night owl? : Both, neither and either .. depending on nothing.. just random disturbed sleep cycle.

Over easy or sunny side up?: Over easy with pepper and sauce

Favourite place to relax: That would be a tie between my room and the movie hall.

Favourite pie: Sweetie!!!

Favourite Icecream flavour: Rum Raisin in chocolate.

You pass this tag to : Gauri and Sahil

Of all the people you tagged this to, who’ll respond first? : No clue !!

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