Text messages changed a lot of things- the way people communicated, plans that mobile service companies launched and the way things got spelled.

The SMS boom however seems to have now fizzled out with trends like Orkut Scraps and Facebook messages.

So how do the mobile service providers cope with dwindling SMS “sales”, they cannot suddenly hike the calling rates (what with competitors offering everyday low prices). What they can therefore do is shoot arrows in the dark.

Case in Point: Airtels latest promotion for current subscribers called Airtel-4U.

The promotion begins with a message from Airtel congratulating you for being the chosen subscriber who gets a free funny SMS every morning. Sigh!!

Airtel chose me, so I should be feeling special right? Wrong, because all of the other Airtel subscribers I spoke to got the same message.Coincidence? Not likely.

What this promotion hence seems to be, is a desperate attempt to get SMS circulated, it’s a bulk SMS formula that they hope will click.

I have serious doubts about how this promotion will work, and in the meantime I wake up to really sad jokes.Chances of me talking about this outside this post… Zero.

Not really what Airtel was aiming for I am sure.

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