Is a better brand, better than a better product ?

In the product versus brand debate, all the newcomers, invariably believe that the ultimate winner in every marketing battle is the better product. And why shouldn’t they ? Afterall, a superior product only needs the company’s marketing team is to communicate their products clearly superior features and benefits.

In reality though, brand trumps product. The key being, perception.

Everything in life is about perceptions and emotions. There are no superior products. There are only superior perceptions in consumers’ minds. Branding a product right, helps customers to feel unique and special.  Simply put, In short, while customers may need a product, they will desire a brand.

Example : I may need a drink to sip on, but I desire a fizzy coke. So considering products equal functions, and brands equal emotions , what would you work for – a better product or a better brand. How mutually exclusive do you think products and brands be?

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