New Year Resolution??

A question asked too often to be ignored.

Personally I feel that any resolution made at an individual level can be extended to all activities that make her/his life.

There’s two ways of making a resolution.


Promise something that sounds nice to you and everyone around and forget about it starting 2nd January.


1. Figure out what you really need/want/desire
2. Chalk out how achievable it is
3. Plan
4. Create milestones
5. Persist till you achieve

It’s not about just this one year, its about how it will help your scheme of things over the long run.

This very personal resolution can be extended to business (like most concepts applicable at an individual’s level).

An example: Cut out the extra calories that weigh me down; translated to business this could mean: Cut costs that are weighing me down and not helping in revenue generation or trim the time needed to complete certain activities etc.

Both ways the approach remains the same, identifying the pain point, a systematic approach, visible benefits after a certain point, maintenance so as to not slip back and most importantly a grit to stick to the resolution.

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