What is your God?

What do you relentlessly believe in? What have you not seen but have faith in? What drives you to do ‘impossible’ things? What keep you going in the toughest of times?

What do you see that others don’t? What do you continuously wish for? What makes all the hardwork fade away?

What is your God?

2 thoughts on “What is your God?

  1. “Relentlessly”..hmm.. let me know if at any point of time will we be relentless to anything that we completely believed would happen or already happened? To me this is a tough one to answer
    I feel so many things that I have not seen till date have my faith in them. To quote a few, my parents love, brother’s belief that i could become Someone…etc.,
    What Drives me to do “Impossible” things..hmm.. i can answer that my inner conscience and confidence helps me in driving thus.. Keeping the results aside, the guts to try the things that sound impossible to thyself is because of my self confidence(not to mention luck favouring in some instances 😉 )and thats what keeps me going on..
    On the lighter note.. well i see other’s eyes that they don’t see for themselves unless when they are infront of a mirror..Jokes apart, being a normal person, well i dont indulge into the creative field very often, but when i do so, I rather become serious on normal things happening in day-day life..eg., small children begging near traffic signals drives me nuts.. till date all i could do was to convince a single boy aged 5 to join an Orphanage.People see me with a question mark face when i am bargaining at the vendor for sky-rated prices,talking to small children who are used to begging in streets.. i dont mind their looks.the question that arises in my mind would be..ARE THEY NOT ABLE TO THE SAME THINGS THAT I DO.. OR AM I SEEING SOMETHING THAT OTHERS DON’T..?
    I continously wish for happiness and peaceful life.. no matter however u live.. be happy and have a constant smile..easy to say and hard to make it happen.. i myself took ages to do so, but trust me that works…
    Politics make all the hardwork fade away… wherever u go..its there.. not only in assembly where the so-called politicians are busy calling off the day’s proceedings..
    Politics and Corruption occurs every where and any where…they are the inseperable twins in india..
    I don’t know if i can answer what My God is..
    according to me.. every soul in deep has a hidden god in it..to try to find it,u need to believe in urself…
    there certainly exists some super-natural power..

    Chaitanya.. This certainly is a very nice post..and thanks to it.. i answered few questions within myself..


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