Restaurant Blunder # 1

How much does a paan cost really?

Well it might have just cost a restaurant nine potential loyal customers.
The restaurant is a average place to eat, but has its positives – clean decor,multi cuisine, prime location, ample parking .
But here’s where they went wrong:
A platter containing Paan is placed next to the exit door, so that the diners can relish the same as they leave .However this platter (still having a few paan’s) disappears with the excuse of “The Paan is Over” just as nine diners approach the front door.

The message that comes accross “We have paan, but not for you”.

A gentler way of doing this without affecting business, offer complimentary tit-bits to those you wish to at their tables. This way you make the customers feel special at no additional cost, and you offend no one.

Which restaurant you ask ? – Haveli in the Lifestyle building, Secunderabad.

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