Sales boom or Trial boom?

Just a few years ago shopping in swanky malls was the privilege of a select few.Exclusive brands were stored, entry was for the social elite.Festival sales in malls and even stand alone stores was much awaited.The season brought with it a decided jump in sales.


Switch to today, factory oulets boast year round “sale”, the malls provide membership benefits to frequent shoppers, and above all malls are within reach of a class which only dreamt of it a few years ago.

In such a situation do festival sales really perk up the stores sales, or do they just invite marathon “Trial sessions” from passers by?

2 thoughts on “Sales boom or Trial boom?

  1. At the cost of a real shopper having to wait in an endless queue
    🙁 … but then again there has to be way to figure out who the real shopper is!!

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