Bring in the Change

Opporunity to do something for the underprivileged.


  •  A Basic Needs Projects
    1. A three month pilot project to rehabillitate atleast 30 street kids.
    2. Provide them with basic needs like – Food, Shelter, Sanitation, Clothing, Health Checkup
    3. Send the kids to different sources of education and shelter.


  • Recycle Workshop
    1. A 15 day recycle workshop to recycle waste products like clothes, paper, artificial jewellery etc.
    2.This workshop will provide fellowship to 6 peer groups.
    3.The products prepared here like greeting cards etc. will be send across for sale.

Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

  • Purpose:
    1. The whole idea is to createhome link network to trace the credentials of each and every child on the streets.
    2. Provide livelihood to the peer groups.
    3. To raise donors for the same cause.

Feedbacks you will receive:
Final sumups will be given every month to discuss the developments of the project.

  • First Open House
    The organising team will be present at :
    Bala Karmikula Vidya Vikas Kendra
    Near Gautam Vidya Kshetra (Lane right opposite Reliance Fresh)
    Madina Guda
    Miyapore, Hyderabad
    On 17-11-2007 from 2:00 p.m , You are requested to be there by 4:00 p.m

All the queries will be addressed during this Open House.

For other details you can contact:

        Mr. Narayana :+91 9948815973
Mail id:.

(You can mail or sms your confirmation for the Projects)

This project is facilitated by Down2earth.
Visit –  down2earthdown2us


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